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The Christian Life Community in the Philippines (CLCP) is an association of Christian men and women, adult and youth, who seek to know God more and experience His presence in their daily lives. CLCP spirituality is based on the experiences of St. Ignatius of Loyola who believed in "finding God in all things."

The members are moved to a holistic formation in three aspects of their lives:

SPIRITUAL, through prayer sessions, retreats, and other formation activities;

COMMUNITARIAN, through national and regional gatherings; and

APOSTOLIC, through personal mission and service to others, especially the poor.

The CLC is the lay apostolic partner of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits). The CLC Philippines is the local chapter of the World CLC organization present in all five continents, in more than sixty (60) countries around the globe.

History of CLC Philippines

The CLCP Magis: Through the Years

Organizational Structure

General Principles


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