The Leadership Community

The Leadership Community

The CLCP National Leadership Community has initiated a Strategic Planning process that will see greater participation by members not only at the national but also at the regional, levels. It has strengthened its ties with the Core of Responsibles, which has recently been convened to review and clarify its role and purpose, structure, and relationship with the NLC to provide support to the CLCP through the years.


Year 2019-2022 

Theodore Demaisip
President (Apostolic Initiatives)

Michael Liberatore
Vice-President (Formation)

Donnabelle Chua
Secretary (Media/Communications)

Ma. Alegria Bautista
Treasurer (Resource Management)

Erlinda Sibal
Consultor (Community Development)

Asia Pacific Link 

Appointed Members
(GP 21b, Statutes 21b)

Roberto Ma. Buenconsejo, SJ
National Ecclesiastical Assistant

Executive Director

CLC-P Organizational Structure