Workshop: What Are Ignatian Ways of Praying

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What Are Ignatian Ways of Praying?

Dear Guides, In response to your request for guides' training, the first workshop will be held on Jan 9, 2010, Saturday.

Workshop Title:

What Are Ignatian Ways of Praying?

Resource Persons:

Rory Valdellon and Didi Villegas

Schedule :

1:30 Registration 2:00 Start of Workshop 5:00 Mass

Fee :

Guides - Free Other CLC Members - P100 Learning Objectives of Ignatian Ways of Praying By the end of the workshop, participants can:

  1. identify the structure of Ignatian prayer
  2. describe preparation for prayer
  3. describe preparatory prayer
  4. describe preludes
    • composition of place
    • begging for a grace
  5. distinguish among:
    • meditation
    • contemplation
    • repetition
  6. describe:
    • colloquy
    • concluding prayes
    • review of prayer

Feel free to invite your community members to join the workshop also. Please register as early as possible with Lolit Agbayani at the CLC office. Thanks.