Regional Core/Coordinating Teams

Feb 3, 2009 | Story by: |
Dear Members of Regional Communities (or Regional Core/Coordinating Teams), Peace! World CLC Day--March 25--is fast approaching! The LC and FI encourage you to make early plans to celebrate this special event in your respective regions. The theme that has been selected by the World EXCO is: "Deepening the graces of Fatima to undertake our path to become a Prophetic Community as World CLC." In Projects No. 141, November 2008, the following moments are proposed for personal and community prayer, "feeling genuinely in harmony with all Community members on this World CLC Day 2009": I. First Moment. The Graces of Fatima 2008 II. Second Moment. Invited to be a Prophetic community. III. Third Moment. Communal Colloquy Please refer to the attached copy of Projects 141 for a complete and detailed description of the theme and the points for prayer and communal sharing. Also, please be reminded to include in your plans for World CLC Day 2009 a special ceremony for members who wish to make a permanent commitment to the CLC way of life. Many have recommended that this ceremony be given more serious thought and attention to emphasize the significance of this event in a CLC member's life. Some suggestions have been made, for example, to involve their local communities (since they play an important role in preparing members for permanent commitment), or even their family members, in the ceremony, and to consider the use of meaningful symbols and rituals to accompanying the reading of their personal statements. We trust that these suggestions are helpful. Thank you for your service to the CLCP through your leadership role in the regions. May God bless you, your members and families, always. In the spirit of our "Ignatian Magis," Rose Bautista CLCP Executive Director