New CLCP Viber Group

Aug 15, 2020 | Story by: Christian Life Community of the Philippines | CLCP Viber Group,Official,Communications Channels,Announcement,Public

CLCP has launched a new CLCP Viber group called "CLCP Public (Official)". This shall be the official Viber Group for CLCP announcements. Only administrators will be allowed to post so there will be no discussions.

To join, please click this link on the mobile phone that has Viber or please type the link in the browser of the mobile phone that has Viber

CLCP maintains four other official Viber groups to serve as venues for CLCP members with special roles to support each other (CLCP EAs, CLCP Guides, CLCP Coordinators, CLCP Regional LCs). These shall not be used for announcements.

All other CLC-related Viber groups are informal groups not maintained by CLCP