Advent Reflection Guides: God With Us/Nasa Atin ang Diyos

Nov 22, 2022 | Story by: JJCICSI, PPPH, CLCP | Advent, Reflection Guides, 2022, Nasa Atin ang Diyos, God With Us, JJCICSI, PPPH, CLCP, Adbiyento, Christmas, Pasko, See, Judge, Act

As we prepare to celebrate Christmas this year, we cannot help but recognize the deep divides and profound conflicts within and around us. Our world is broken by sin, human greed, apathy, hate, and deceit. Now more than ever, we affirm our need for the Lord, for God to indeed be born in our hearts and dwell in us so that we may bear witness to Him in our broken world. He indeed comes among us, our Emmanuel, to be with us and accompany us in our journey, leading us toward healing, reconciliation, and justice.

The Christian Life Community in the Philippines, Prophet Project PH, and John J. Carroll Institute on Church and Social Issues have once again collaborated to offer Advent reflection guides.

God With Us: Nurturing a Faith that Bridges Divides and Nasa Atin ang Diyos: Pagtataguyod sa Pananampalatayang Mapaghilom are Advent and Christmas prayer and reflection guides that seek to lead all of us to: SEE reality with greater clarity through the lens of our faith; JUDGE these particular realities, guided by insights from Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching; and ACT in response to the urgent needs and invitations presented to us as our humble offering to God.

You may access the Advent reflection guides through the following links:
     Nasa atin ang Diyos:
          PDF: or
     God with Us:
          PDF: or

We hope and pray that through these guides, we may be led to intimately encounter God who calls all of us to be his loving and merciful presence in the world.

CLCP, JJCICSI, and Prophet Project PH