more pa!!!! What's up CLCP!!! The CLCP Commission on Elections. Think About It.

May 16, 2013 | Story by: |
Fellow CLCers,
Do you still have the election bug?
Do you pray for honest, orderly and peaceful elections?
Do you want to have some FUN?
The join the CLCP Commission on Elections.
No salary but the work is both rewarding and fulfilling. There will probably be food though. No qualifications to be a member. Your willingness to help is already appreciated.
Interested? Call me maybe at 0917800GIAN and please identify yourself.
The bulk of the work shall be on Election Day to be held at the CLCP National Convention on October 18-20, 2013 in Trese Martires, Cavite. 
But you can also help me make election information campaigns better than this crappy one.
Help us to ensure that your community's votes are counted. Even without all that PCOS contraption.   
Get M.A.D. Get involved. CLCP needs YOU.
Gian Puyo
Chair, CLCP Commission on Elections, 2013-2014