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Christian Life Community of the Philippines
Spreading the Ignatian Fire
Oct.4, 2013
Feast Day of St.Francis of Assissi 
Dear CLC Family,
Greetings of Joy, Hope & Peace! 
In solidarity with CLC Zamboanga and  all Zamboangueños,  let us continuously PRAY for peace,  justice,  &  support  all efforts to Re-Build  Zamboanga.
We also continue  praying  for our dear fellow  CLC'er Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar  -  a member of our Camino Nuevo community based in Zamboanga City.
May God bring Mayor Beng and her team more strength, faith, inspiration and hope, as we  quote excerpts from her statement last Sept.26,2013:
"Zamboanga City continues to be in pain as we are in the 18th day of this crisis. What comforts us is the fact that Zamboanga, amidst the adversities, remain united, with a desire that we can resolve this together Moslem, Christians and Lumads in this place we all call HOME.
A massive rehabilitation program is underway and with God’s grace, will kick off in the next few days, to help our evacuees and other affected families get back to their feet after the crisis is over. We make sure that our efforts are aligned with the national government’s thrusts and policies in coming up with the mechanisms for the rebuilding of Zamboanga. We will rebuild our city—we will rise from the ashes. Yes, Zamboanga City will not be the same again, because ZAMBOANGA WILL BE BETTER, a brighter place for our children.
The losses of over 5 Billion Pesos in 18 days may be great, this may take a while for us to regain but we also want sustainable security to be in place. We all want our normal lives back; this cannot be equated with monetary value. We need to breathe the air of peace, where we shall feel the liberty of going around the city without the anxiety of terror. El mga caso que ay planta ta prepara ya, kay este el de aton derecho para el actos de crimininalidad ay pone bajo na lei y sirvi justicia con todo canaton mga Zamboangueno.
 We call for everyone to continuously pray for each day that we need to face. This crisis taught us to be faithful, to be patient and to be persevering. Our patience is tested but we need to hold on. We cannot give up, we are are not giving up.""
Further, we also enjoin everyone's Generosity  to  share  our Talent,Time,Treasure  to  charitable groups engaged with humanitarian efforts  to re-Build Zamboanga.
God bless all our endeavors & efforts, all for His greater Glory!  Praying with you all....
Love & Prayers,
Marie-cor G. Militante
Executive Director
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