CLCP Communications Channels

Sep 23, 2020 | Story by: Christian Life Community of the Philippines | CLCP Communications Channels, facebook, twitter, instagram, viber, website, christian life community of the philippines

We would like to inform you about the official communication channels of the Christian Life Community of the Philippines (CLCP).

Webpage (

Facebook (

Twitter (

Instagram (New!) (

Viber (CLCP Public) ( - Please click this link on the mobile phone that has Viber or please type the link in the browser of the mobile phone that has Viber

Email Mailing List - Please sign-up at

Special Requests - CLCP members who do not have access to these channels may request communication by Facebook Messenger or SMS/text by texting +63-915-8005-368 or emailing [email protected]

"CLCP Public" shall be the official Viber Group for CLCP announcements. (Only official announcements shall be posted here)

CLCP maintains four other official Viber groups to serve as venues for CLCP members with special roles to support each other (CLCP EAs, CLCP Guides, CLCP Coordinators, CLCP Regional LCs). These shall not be used for announcements.

All other CLC-related Viber groups are informal groups not maintained by CLCP

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions please text or call 0915 800 5368, or contact us in any of the above channels.

Thank you,

CLCP Secretariat