CLCP Call to Prayer During COVID19

Apr 29, 2020 | Story by: Christian Life Community of the Philippines | CLCP Call to Prayer, COVID 19, Christian Life Community of the Philippines,

As we continue our journey in the face of the current public health challenge, we are reminded of the many members of our community who are helping in their own concrete ways. We are blessed to hear of the generous offering of Karl Chua to assume the position of Acting Secretary of NEDA, and the familial support Alanna and Ashby offer him. With gratitude, we pray for Karl, his family, and all our members who have responded--whether in the public eye, in the quiet of their communities, or in other subtler ways. We also pray for members working in the frontlines of diagnosis, treatment, and development of government policy and response, as well as those who have had to make sacrifices to ensure their employees are provided for amidst economic uncertainties. We include in our prayers those who have shifted their work to support those in the frontlines; and for individuals and communities who have attempted to address the needs of those around them who are finding it difficult to provide for themselves.

We offer this prayer in thanksgiving for the opportunities to give glory to God by serving communities and our nation as we contribute to the common good of the Filipino people. We invite communities to pray the prayer below during community meetings and during individual prayer as we continue to seek the will of the Lord for all of us in and among the chaos and disruption caused by the COVID19 virus.