CLCP 2022 National Assembly: Communication #5

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10 August 2022

Dear Friends in the Lord,


Here are the additional reminders and updates regarding our National Assembly 2022

We are extending the registration deadline, originally set for July 31, 2022. The new deadline for the registration is August 17, 2022. May we also remind ALL DELEGATES to please register individually at

We need to meet the quorum requirement of at least 16 full-member communities for the National Assembly to proceed. Thus far, only six (6) full- member communities have registered.

Registration fee is Php 2,000 per local community. This will help defray the expenses for the NA. Registration fee does not include the board and lodging of the delegate participating in the face-to-face sessions.

Board and lodging fee per delegate who will stay at the venue is Php 4,000 for 4 days and 3 nights.

We have also set up a solidarity fund for the NA. Your generosity is most appreciated.

You may send your payment via bank deposit or Gcash transfer on or before August 17, 2022. Details are as follows:

CLCP BDO account
Account Name: Christian Life Community of the Philippines Inc.
Account Number: 003578003030

GCash Account
Account Name: Donnabelle D. Chua (Donnabelle C.)
Account Number: 09228063255

For proper acknowledgment and recording, please send via email a copy of your payment/money transfer confirmation (along with your Full Name and Community Name) to [email protected]


We are taking all possible precautionary measures to ensure your safety during the National Assembly. These measures include, but are not limited to:
     a. Those who will be participating onsite should be fully vaccinated and boosted.
     b. There will be antigen testing onsite on Day 1 and Day 4 onsite.
     c. Each delegate will be assigned a unique QR code for attendance.
     d. Body temperature will be taken daily.
     e. The Phoenix Development Center ArDev 5th floor session hall can accommodate 150 participants. We are, however, limiting NA attendance to 30% (maximum of 45 participants) of the venue capacity.
     f. Physical distancing and the wearing of face masks will be observed at all times.
     g. There will be designated isolation rooms.
     h. We will provide alcohol and face masks at the venue.

(Note: The Center has just hosted a five-day conference with school administrators from all over the Philippines with a zero case of Covid infection. This is due to the effective implementation of the safety measures at the same venue. )


We highly encourage your onsite participation at the National Assembly. From experience, face-to-face sessions remain to be the most effective means of interaction, sharing of reflection and learning, and community bonding. As mentioned in Item 2 (see above), we are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure your safety.

The full-member community may send one official delegate only to the NA venue to fully participate onsite in all sessions. A non-full member community (emerging or observer community) can also send one of their members as a delegate to the NA venue.

We highly encourage the face-to-face (onsite) participation of the official delegate especially when:
     a. there is no internet access or internet speed is below 10 Mbps,
     b. there is no private space that is conducive for reflection and prayer, and
     c. has no personal computer or laptop or has difficulty operating the personal computer or laptop.


The National Assembly is a time of shared discernment as an apostolic body renewing the gift of mission. In preparation for the coming National Assembly, we are hoping that all communities have already started to reflect and work on the three modules (refer to 2022 NA Communication # 4).

Please submit your community's outputs for these three modules via email ([email protected]) on or before August 17, 2022. This will give the secretariat ample time to print your outputs in time for the NA.


Thank you to the nominees who responded to the call to serve in the national leadership community. We are hoping more will accept the nomination before the commencement of the National Assembly on August 26, 2022.

We request the nominees and their respective communities to continue their discernment and to be more open to the call.


We would like to thank the communities that have reviewed the proposed revisions to the current membership guidelines and have submitted their comments. For those who have yet to do so, we are extending the deadline to August 17, 2022. (Please refer to 2022 NA Communication # 4 for details.)


We would also like to thank the communities that have reviewed the proposed amendments to the statutes and have submitted their comments. For those who have yet to do so, we are extending the deadline to August 17, 2022. (Please refer to 2022 NA Communication # 4 for details.)

Feel free to email us at secretaria[email protected] for any questions or concerns you may have.

We enjoin all communities to continue praying for the success of our National Assembly 2022.

Thank you.

In Christ,

Theody Demaisip