(UPDATE!) CLCP: 450 Years of Ignatian Lay Communities

Feb 28, 2013 | Story by: |
Dear Fellow CLC’ers, Peace! On the occasion of the 450TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE IGNATIAN LAY COMMUNITIES, our CLCP will join the World CLC to celebrate this momentous event. This is an event that had a four and a half century history since Jean Leunis, SJ in 1563 (“Prima Primaria” in the Roman College) formed the first community and which Marian Congregations (Sodalities of Our Lady) had joined. This year, 2013 comes down to us as a very rare opportunity to remind ourselves of the importance especially for us who have been called into Christian communities. We would like our CLC communities to review the World CLC Projects 152 to better appreciate the call TO CELEBRATE, TO REFLECT AND TO INTEGRATE. You can find the details at the CVX-CLC.net webpage (http://www.cvx-clc.net/l-en/projects/Projects_152.pdf). Our call is to a: GRATEFUL REMEMBRANCE OF OUR HISTORY; LIVING THE PRESENT WITH A RENEWED ENTHUSIASM & LOOKING AHEAD WITH HOPE. As the appointed national lead community, our community ICHTHYS (NCR-MTQ) together with the BARKADA 450 steering committee members is much humble to suggest some ideas on making this a memorable year of being CLC, coming together as community and being formed for mission. The CLC is part of a greater conglomeration of Ignatian Lay Communities, and that this is an opportune time to get to know others better and work towards advancing the mission of Christ’s good news. The most immediate event is the celebration of World CLC Day (usually done on March 25th the Feast of the Annunciation). In addition to what have been planned by the Regional L/C’s, may we suggest some presentation on the 450th anniversary of the Ignatian Lay Communities to be included. We will soon be sending you some suggested celebration activities for your consideration on a regional or local level. For further clarifications you can reach us at [email protected]. May God inspire us with greater spirit and awareness as Christian Life Community. Yours in Christ, Michael Sy Point Person for Lead Community/ Barkada 450