This is my mission (Excerpts from a letter)

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This is my mission

by: Lydah B. Onal December 21, 2008 Late this morning, I felt Jesus was right beside me. I conversed with Him in tears as usual like an old friend and all. I began to cry as I said to Him, I am in pain now, You know that. Physically, my tummy is too heavy, my back is painful… I felt Jesus embracing me and reminding me of what we went through after my second surgery. Yes, it was I would carry this cross as my share to His! I said, but I cannot do it all alone. Please never leave me! I felt peaceful and confirmed. This is my mission! And so I take it. I felt His embrace. Meanwhile, my mother was sobbing with me. I notice that her embrace and that of Jesus’ were becoming the same in warmth…. Let us continue to journey with our sister Lydah in faith and prayer.