Participate in Creating Paths for Hope

December 13, 2023 | Story by: Christian Life Community in the Philippines | Being God’s gift to the Church, there is a felt response to create paths for hope for each other, for our community, and for the wider community which is the Church.
Dear Friends in the Lord,
Greetings of Peace and Love!

It has been said that gratitude is the memory of the heart! We would like to thank you for taking part in our CLCP National Convention 2023 last November 25 and December 2!

Your Leadership Community is still relishing and savoring the graces that the entire community has received during the past 2 weekends. It was such an affirmation from the Lord that CLC is from Him and His gift to the Church.
Being God’s gift to the Church, there is a felt response to create paths for hope for each other, for our community, and for the wider community which is the Church.
Below are a few suggestions that can help you in your discernment in creating paths for hope as an individual CLCer and as a CLC Community.

Again, our heartfelt thank you and we hope to see you more often both in our communal and apostolic activities.

God bless us all!
Reflect: We enjoin everyone to spend time reading and reflecting on the following to discern how you are called to support the mission given to the CLCP:

nLC Discernment and Directions (Letter):

2022 NA Final Grace:

Amiens Final Document 2023:

Projects 180:

Financial Support: We invite our members to support CLC financially. We are launching a drive to raise P2M which should cover our financial losses for this year and the draw-downs from our General Operations Fund made in the previous years. This will provide us with a firm financial footing to make progress on our 9 discerned priorities for the next two years.

Donations can be made through the following means:

1. Donation Page at

We accept payments from all bank, e-wallets, crypto currency & credit cards

2. Bank Transfer

Bank: BDO - Berkeley Branch
Account Number: 00357 800 3030
Account Name: Christian Life Community of the Philippines Inc.

Please find attached our financial letter which discusses the financial situation of CLCP and explains the targets to be raised.

CLCP Financial Letter:

CLCP Pledges:
CLCP Teams: We invite all members to discern whether they are called to participate in some of the teams that will be set up to champion the various priorities and drive the various activities of CLCP. We are opening-up sign-ups for our National Teams listed below.

Priority 1 and 2: Formation Team
Priority 3: Community Development Team - Struggling Communities
Priority 4: Community Development Team - Building Communities Among the Poor
Priority 5: Community Development Team - Strengthening Bonds Among Communities
Priority 6: Community Development Team - Support for Leaders
Priority 7a: Community Development Team - Welcoming New Adult Members and Transitioning YCLC members to Adult Communities
Priority 7b: Youth Development Team
Priority 7c: Youth Assembly Team (planned for April 2024)
Priority 8: Safeguarding Policy Team
Priority 9: Apostolate Team / Signs of the Times Discernment Group

Support Initiative 1: Resource Management Team - Fundraising
Support Initiative 2: Mass Cards Team
Support Initiative 3: Prayer Apostolate Team (Organizing the prayers for the Prayer Apostolate and engaging with our prayer card participants)
Support Initiative 4: Horacio dela Costa Formation Center Team

SIGN UP FORM for CLCP National Teams:
LOGO Making Contest

Mechanics: Create a logo representing our theme "Creating Paths for Hope" showcasing the broader direction of the CLCP for the next two years. Members can participate as an individual or as a community.

Prize: Php 20,000 towards CLCP retreat/recollection/Youth Assembly/NC/NA or as apostolic activity

Deadline: January 26, 2024

Please send your entry to [email protected]
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