CLCP Guidelines and Information in Relation to COVID19 and Proclamation No. 922

March 17, 2020 | Story by: Christian Life Community in the Philippines | We pray that we all are well during this time of COVID19, social distancing, and new and emerging concerns about our general health and welfare.

14 March 2020

Dear Beloved CLC Communities,

We pray that we all are well during this time of COVID19, social distancing, and new and emerging concerns about our general health and welfare. In order to guide our programs and activities while under the Declaration of National Public Health Emergency (Proclamation No. 922), the National Leadership Community would like to offer the following guidelines and information:

The nLC requests all regional and national gatherings be postponed until such time as Proclamation No. 922 is lifted, rescinded or superseded by a subsequent proclamation.

     We encourage local communities to consult their personal and regional health situations, and local government directives, in deciding whether or not to meet. Please exercise care and choose the side of caution when it comes to local community meetings and cooperate with all local ordinances and proclamations as they relate to COVID19.

     The Holy Week retreats are cancelled, and refunds will be given to all who have registered. The Formation Institute (FI) will reach out to registered retreatants in the coming week. They will also contact all those who generously offered themselves to serve as guides, directors, pastors, and assistants for the Holy Week retreats. We are grateful for your generosity in offering yourselves, your time, and your talent.

     The CLC office will be operating under skeletal work force until further notice. The office will be staffed Tuesday to Saturday 8am-5-pm but electronic communications may be more reliable since many of the staff will work from home.

Inquiries should generally be directed to the office via [email protected] or 2-8426-0074.

However, if you need to reach someone directly, here is their contact:

a. Joy Asajar [email protected] 0905-3193941
b. Anj Petros [email protected] 0998-1779846
c. Jeff Panguito [email protected] 0918-6037078
d. Ybonne Chua [email protected] 0916-4803066
e. Mark Leosala [email protected] 0927-3295088
f. Lea Ongsamson [email protected] 0916-3726307

Questions, clarifications, or concerns may be directed to the nLC through Joy Asajar.

We know there are many concerns at this time. We hope we also find opportunities for rest, family bonding, and space away from the hecticness of life that will enable us to rejuvenate our spirits and renew our relationships with each other and our Lord. We enjoin all of us to turn to the Lord in prayer and trust as we strive to be personally hygienic and responsible with our consumption while providing support in navigating these turbulent times. May the Spirit be with us all!

On behalf of the nLC.

S. Theodore Demaisip

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