Reyna Mae is part of the CLC World Youth Team

Feb 16, 2023 | Story by: Christian Life Community in the Philippines | World CLC, Youth Team, Reyna Mae Lomocso, Mascafe CLC, Zamboanga, World Youth Day 2023, Spain

Dear CLC Family,

We are pleased to inform you about the latest announcement on the newly formed CLC Youth Working Group where our very own Reyna Mae Lomocso of MASCAFE CLC-Zamboanga is part of the team.

The CLC World Youth Team is a working group composed of 12 representatives from six regions across the globe, accompanied by World Exco Members, including the newly co-opted youth members.

As a team, the working group envisions to walk and serve alongside young CLC members to deepen our CLC identity, share our faith and grace with others, and go forth "to set the world on fire", in the Spirit of Saint Ignatius of Loyola.

Presently, the team identified two tasks to work on until August 2023 and formed the respective task groups to work on them. These are as follows:

(1) Walking with our World Community--To build a bigger network for youth members in CLC to share and learn from each other, to create space and materials for virtual Regional Youth Gatherings and organise an online global youth prayer meeting.

Team members:
Cheng-Yung 'Pika' Tang (Taiwan)
Natalia Catherine Marsden (England & Wales)
Vinicius Riechi (Brazil)
Sandra Marcos (Egypt)
Daphne Ho (W-ExCo, HK)
Najat Sayegh (W-ExCo, Lebanon)
James O'Brien (W-ExCo, Australia)

(2) Magis and World Youth Day--To work out a plan to engage youth members in CLC to participate together in the Magis Programme and WYD to be held in late July and early August in Portugal.

Team members:
Reyna Mae C. Lomocso (Philippines)
Maria Francisca Silva (Portugal)
Eréndira Sarahi de Loera Cruz (Mexico)
Daniela Ochoa Peralta (W-ExCo, Netherlands)

Let us keep them all in our prayers, especially, Reyna Mae as she embarked on this very important mission to our global community with and for the youth.

May God shine forth as they journey together in faith. God bless all of them.

-CLCP Secretariat