World CLC

The Christian Life Community is an international association of Christians: men and women, adults and young people, of all social conditions, who want to follow Jesus Christ more closely and work with Him for the building of the Kingdom. Members make up small groups, which are part of larger communities organized regionally and nationally, all forming ONE World Community. The CLC is present in all five continents, in almost sixty countries.

The charism and spirituality of CLC are Ignatian. Thus, the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius are both the specific source of our charism and the characteristic instrument of CLC spirituality. The CLC way of life is shaped by the features of Ignatian Christology: austere and simple, in solidarity with the poor and the outcasts of society, integrating contemplation and action, in all things living lives of love and service within the Church, always in a spirit of discernment.

In order to understand our identity more deeply, it is important to know about our development. Throughout the past four centuries, many generations have prepared the way for us in the Sodalities of Our Lady. Christian Life Community was not just a new name, given in 1967, but represented the rebirth, almost a new beginning. This new identity of CLC was expressed in the General Principles, approved in 1971 and revised in 1990. Besides the General Principles, CLC has prepared other documents concerning its charisms and mission.

The World Christian Life Community is governed by the General Assembly, which determines norms and policies, and by the Executive Council, which is responsible for their ordinary implementation.

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