CLC-Pyros, NCR


Pyros is the plural of the word Pyro, which comes from the Greek word ??? (pyr) meaning fire (Wikipedia). It is the result of a long and grueling process of defining the group’s identity at its birth.

Fire Ignites

We started as a parish-based CLC group at the Mary the Queen Parish in Greenhills in the summer of 1998. The group was composed of new graduates from the ICA and Xavier YCLCs, most of whom had already formed friendships through several youth activities organized by the CLCP National Youth Coordinator, Tinnah Dela Rosa. Our first guide was Michael Yu, member of SpEx Men & ACLC (Guide from 1998-1999). Weekly prayer meetings and countless community building activities (CBAs) cemented the relationship of 14 something members (give or take J) throughout our college years. During this time, Pyros members also committed to help the YCLCs in different high schools – several members serving as prayer guides in Ateneo, Assumption, ICA, and Ateneo YCLCs; organizing youth assemblies for the NCR YCLCs. The group also organized other apostolates outside the CLC circle, trying out different areas of need as they arose. (e.g. There was a time when the group went to the 3M factory to help separate the yellow sponge from the green scrub just so the products can be donated.) There was no task too big or too menial for the idealistic youths that we were. These beginning years marked how the light of Christ was ignited in our community.

Fire Transforms

After graduating from college, Pyros still maintained the weekly meetings, but the venue moved to the homes of the different members, and their guide, Jeraldine Ching (Guide from 2000-2006). Most members were still serving as guides in the different YCLCs, and some even served as co-moderators. Members struggled during this time in attending the meetings & CLC events, since most had to make increasing commitments to their career or vocation. It was a period of growing pains. Some members left the group, but the friendship remained. At this time, Pyros members made their temporary commitment. The group also became a full member of the CLCP.

The succeeding years saw the Pyros community grow in experience and commitment. Several members were tapped to help in different CLCP projects, events and leadership roles (Fun Run, Regional Development Team, Magis @40, NCR LC, National Convention 2014). In the effort to seek a more regular apostolate, Pyros reached out to other CLC communities. They guided the children of Tulay ni Kristo CLC members and assisted Hungrily CLC with their apostolate, Good Food Co. Recently, most Pyros members made their permanent commitment to the CLC (2014). Alongside these developments in their CLC commitment, Pyros members shared many of life’s milestones, playing important roles in each other’s major life events – shifting careers, moving to different countries, getting married, having children. Though the initial fire and excitement of our younger years was tempered, this period in our history saw the transformation of Pyros to a more grounded community, growing in commitment to each other, the CLC way of life, and the mission of Christ.

Fire Refines

Pyros is now more of a family than just a prayer group. Hand in hand with our generous and tireless guide, Tinnah Dela Rosa (Guide from 2007 to present), we are continuously travelling on the road of our spiritual journey together and seeking to help where we are most needed. We are looking forward to many more years of refining our faith, commitment, and mission. We believe that the fire of Christ, manifested in and through the spirituality shared by St. Ignatius, has given us the special grace to ignite, transform, and refine others and ourselves.

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