Zamboanga Stand at 50

Oct 17, 2021 | Story by: Christian Life Community of the Philippines-Formation Institute |

Dear Friends in the Lord,

Greetings during this month of Mary and the Rosary!

We would like to invite all of us to a prayerful reading and spiritual conversation of the Zamboanga Stand on Wednesday 27 October from 7:30-9:30pm.

From 27-30 December 1971, members of our National Community gathered in Zamboanga for a General Council meeting (what we now refer to as our National Assembly). They spent four days analyzing the "signs of the times," interpreting them in the light of their Christian faith, and listening for the movement of the Spirit in directing and guiding our community to labor where the Lord desired in service to Church and society. They were moved to "affirm the task of liberating our people and helping toward the total development of the nation."

The fruit of that discernment, captured through the Zamboanga Stand, reflects the early growth of our community along this path of becoming a lay Ignatian discerning apostolic body sharing in mission. In many ways, it is a "cannonball moment" in our history. Much like Ignatius' cannonball moment was only the beginning of his long process of conversion and transformation, the Zamboanga Stand was an initial moment that revealed to us God's desire for our apostolic mission. We desire to relish and savor its graces while listening for the voice of the Lord in directing our community to live out more faithfully and earnestly its call for formation for liberation in our current reality.

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Thank you very much and we look forward to our conversation during this fruitful encounter!

CLCP Formation Institute