TAPaTKa 2022 | 19 March | 2PM

March 11, 2022 | Story by: Christian Life Community in the Philippines | We will hold another TaPaTKa session on Saturday, March 19, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm via Zoom | https://bit.ly/tapatka2022

Dear fellow CLC members,


We are happy to announce that on March 5, Saturday, we have successfully launched "Tamang Ako Para sa Tamang Kandidato (TAPaTKa)," a voter empowerment program developed by the Bawat Isa Mahalaga citizens' movement for godly governance.

TaPaTKa is a three-hour facilitated session that guides voters through a process of rediscovering their identity as Christians and as Filipino citizens, making the connection between their dreams and aspirations, and their right of suffrage, helping them evaluate candidates, and to vote based on values.

We will hold another TaPaTKa session on Saturday, March 19, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm via Zoom. Please register on or before March 18 (Friday) by clicking the link: https://bit.ly/tapatka2022

Once registered, the Zoom link will be sent to your registered email address. (Please do not share the zoom link. The session is limited only to registered participants.)

We encourage those who have attended the B1M program to join.

There will also be a half-hour facilitator orientation immediately after the session proper ends at 5:00 pm, for those who are interested to run the same program for various groups or communities. Those who have already attended the separate sessions of "Tamang Ako" and "Tamang Kandidato," or who have attended the "Tamang Kandidato" session only, we also encourage you to join us for this facilitator orientation.

Thank you and see you!

Theody Demaisip

You may register here: