Diwa ng Trece: 40 Years and Beyond

Jun 15, 2022 | Story by: CLCP Formation Institute | Diwa ng Trece, 40 years, Cannonball moments, CLCP history, Ignatian Year, 500 Years, St. Ignatius, Formation Institute, CLCP

Dear Friends in the Lord,

During this Ignatian Year we have been reflecting on the cannonball moment of St Ignatius and how it has transformed him into becoming a man for others and a friend of the Lord. This has led us to look back at our community's cannonball moments which we started with the Zamboanga stand last year. This coming Saturday, June 18 from 2:30-5:30 pm, we invite you again to look at another cannonball moment in the history of CLCP, the Diwa ng Trece, which was crafted 40 years ago.

We will have the opportunity to listen to those who participated during the General Assembly of CLCP held on April 18, 1982. Tita Didi, Tita Bebs, Tita Aidah will share their experiences before, during and after the GA. Tito Abang, who at that time was a student in Ateneo and a youth representative, will also share how the GA and Diwa ng Trece impacted him.

An opportunity for silence and spiritual conversation will follow. Let us celebrate our identity and recapture the initial fervor of the Diwa ng Trece.

You may register for the event through this link: www.bit.ly/diwangtrece. Thank you and may we all become 'liwanag sa dilim."

Your Formation Team