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September 15, 2023 | Story by: Christian Life Community in the Philippines | The Formation Team with the support of the nLC invite those who wish to experience the SpEx to join the Online RDL

Dear Friends in the Lord,

Our General Principles states that, "We hold the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius as the specific source and the characteristic instrument of our spirituality." The graces from our last several National Assemblies have also identified the need to prioritize experiencing the Spiritual Exercises in our on-going formation and growth in our way of life.

In light of this, members of our community, especially those who have made temporary and permanent commitments, are expected to go on a retreat at least every two years as part of our renewal and revision of life.

Since not all of us are able to take part in the annual Holy Week retreats or another 8-day period for the silent retreat and other retreat offerings of the Formation Institute, the Formation Team with the support of the National Leadership Community invite those who wish to experience the Spiritual Exercises to join the Online Retreat in Daily Life (RDL).

The RDL will be offered in 2 modes. You may choose either:

1. A 14-week experience of the 18th Annotation adaptation of the Spiritual Exercises. This is suitable for those who are starting in their spiritual journey, or those who want to attend to their spiritual thirst or hunger.

2. A 35-week experience of the 19th Annotation adaptation of the complete Spiritual Exercises. This is suitable for those who have a consistent prayer life and desire to deepen their knowledge, love, and alignment of their life with Jesus Christ.


The RDL asks the retreatant to commit to set aside time for the following:

   ~ 45-60 minutes per day for praying the points, readings, and meditations
   ~ Journaling and recording the fruits of your prayer experiences
   ~ 60 minutes per week for an online individual consultation with your Spiritual Director about your retreat experiences

We are charging a minimal fee of 220.00 per week/session which would be PHP 3,080.00 for the 18th Annotation (14 weeks) and PHP 7,700.00 for the 19th Annotation (35 weeks)

For the 19th Annotation RDL (35 weeks),PHP 2,000.00 at start (on or before the launch on November 11), PHP 634.00 every 4 weeks.

For the 18th Annotation RDL (14 weeks), PHP 1,000.00 at (on or before the launch November 11) PHP 520.00 every 4 weeks.

Payment modes:

1. CLC Payment Portal (accepting bank transfers, GCash, other e-wallets) - Please select Formation Program Contribution and put "RDL" in the Additional Remarks

2. Bank Transfer
Bank: BDO - Berkeley Branch
Account Name: Christian Life Community of the Philippines Inc.
Account Number: 00357 800 3030

Once accepted, you will be notified via email and be scheduled for an initial interview.

No CLC member will be deprived of formation opportunities due to limited resources. For this reason, the NLC has set up a Formation Subsidy Fund. A member may request a subsidy of up to 100% of the retreat cost depending on need. Letters of request identifying the amount of subsidy needed may be addressed to our National President Rose Linda O. Bautista and sent to [email protected].

There will be a launching and orientation for the Online RDL on November 11, 2023. A separate email containing the link and details of the RDL will be sent to those who register. The deadline for registration is October 21, 2023.

Register by clicking the link:

Thank you and God bless,

Your Formation Team


You may register here: