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The Grace of the 2016 CLCP National Assembly

Ang Biyaya ng 2016 CLCP National Assembly

Grace of CLC WA 2018

NA 2019 Communication #2

23 July 2019

Dear Friends in the Lord,

Peace! Our National Assembly is one-month away: August 23-26 at Horacio De La Costa Formation Center in Trece Martires, Cavite. We will begin with Mass at 9:00 am Friday 23 August and end with lunch on Monday 26 August (depending on the length of the election). Our theme is Falling in Love with Christ, Making His options our own, Working with Him in the building of the Kingdom and we are animated by Matt 25:40: Whatever you did for one of these least of mine, you did for me.

For Guides, there will two events around the Assembly:
Thursday 22 August, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.: Called to Shepherd Guides Encounter
Monday 26 August, 1:30-4:00 p.m.: PanDasal at Kape Guides' Renewal and Caring Event (GRACE)

These Guides encounters are designed to provide formation and assistance in shepherding our communities in deepening and responding to the Grace of the National Assembly.

We would like to remind all delegates to register at Please email the Secretariat ([email protected]) if you need assistance.
The Assembly will be a time of shared discernment for growing more deeply in our loving imitation of Christ so we may more diligently participate in the building of the Kingdom.

We would ask communities, and especially delegates to the assembly, to:

*Joyfully and gratefully look upon your journey in CLC as a local community:
What has been your experience of Christ in this journey? What image or description of Christ captures your encounter with Him? Identify an image or description of Christ which captures your encounter to bring with you to share at the NA.

*Read and prayerfully reflect upon the Grace of NA 2016 and the Grace of the World Assembly 2018 (attached with this communication). Describe how your community has responded to the Grace of NA 2016 (whether intentional or not)?

*Looking at your local reality and considering our four frontiers (Globalization and Poverty; Youth; Family; Ecology), what some of the lights and shadows about these frontiers in your local reality? Develop a collage of key lights and shadows related to the four frontiers in your local community's reality. These may be stories, newspaper clippings, pictures, activities, etc.

We hope communities can spend the next month preparing these items for our Assembly. Further communications concerning a few specific proposals and information sheets from the candidates for the National Leadership Community will follow later this week.

In Christ,
Michael "Lib" Liberatore


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Dear Friends in the Lord,

Peace! The National Assembly is rapidly approaching! As we continue to journey in the joy and hope of the Easter season, we are reminded of our call to continue to grow in our relationship with Christ so that we may be more disponible to the apostolic mission to which He calls us.

As we journey to our National Assembly, tt may be helpful to remember the graces and joys of the most recent convention last August 2018 in Baguio. The video from our 2018 Convention below will help us remember and recall those graced days.

Our Registration is now open. We have a google form and a word document for delegates to fill up and submit. Please remember that all Full-Member communities are expected to have one (1) delegate who is available for the entire Assembly.

We hope to also receive all nominees for the National LC by the end of this week. Please refer to the prior communication for details.
We look forward to seeing everyone at Horacio De La Costa Formation Center in Trece Martires, Cavite from August 23 to 26.

Michael "Lib" Liberatore
CLCP President

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